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With the exception of CC's management staff in our home office, who have over 75 years combined experience, we utilize our local adjusters in the area wherever the claim or disaster may happen. This allows us to provide an immediate response to any assignment on a national basis. In addition to our daily business staff and core personnel, CC has over 1000 independent adjusters on its roster for everyday business and catastrophes. We also have the ability to obtain additional staff in large catastrophe situations. CC's staff has gone through an intense personnel selection process to ensure a quality product to our clients. All of our business staff has previous insurance and customer service experience. We require all of our adjusters to have at least 5 years of experience.

They are also required to have the appropriate state licenses. They are required to act and dress professionally when encountering our clients and policyholders. We always thoroughly review our adjusters' claims before going to the appropriate insurance company.

CC is also a drug and alcohol free work environment. Employees are prohibited from using illegal drugs and/or alcohol on or off CC's premises. We also verify that all adjusters have licenses for the state in which they are working. If they do not currently have a license, we will work with them to obtain a temporary of permanent license. Adjusters are required to complete the following when finalizing a claim:

  • A sufficient number of photos to reflect the damage are to be included in the file. A photo of the exterior of the building is to be obtained for all losses inspected. All photos will include captions describing the damage depicted - not just the location of the photo. Photos must be obtained from the roof level on all roof losses, and clearly indicate the damage.
  • Copies of paid receipts of completed or temporary repairs.
  • A roof diagram showing dimensions and the affected areas of damage
  • A complete summary of the affected damage to the loss.
  • Police reports on all thefts and vandalism claims.
  • Fire reports when authorities investigate.
  • Cause and origin on all fires.


With Claims Consultants' corporate office being located in Mobile, AL and other affiliate offices in Ft. Walton Beach, FL, Detroit, MI, and New Iberia, LA, our company has been successful in providing service on a national level. Because of our centralized offices, our management is able to review every file before it is submitted to our clients. We also offer a completely paperless claim process to save time and expense.

Our successful growth pattern enables us to look at new ways to better serve our current and future clients. Due to our vast experience, we are able to adapt to each of our clients needs.

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