General Liability

Claims Consultants LLC has qualified Adjusters and Staff who is field trained and tested to handle your General Liability investigations.

We will work with any and all experts for compiling information for Cause and Origin and Chain of Custody. We pride ourselves in performing a complete investigation and presenting a report that is complete and understandable to our customers.

Our research team can provide a detail report to include scene investigations and recreation of the event.

Our adjusters and staff have specialized expertise and experience that enhances their capabilities to handle General Liability Losses.

Our adjusters and Staff are proficient in Claims Management and Customer Service, they have excellent Communication Skills and as you well know Communication is what is needed when handling a General Liability investigation.

Claims Consultants utilizes adjusters who have the proficiency to complete your assignments in a timely and cost effective manner while ensuring that the investigation is completed professionally and with definite results. We will use established guidelines when taking interviews or recorded statements.

All our claims are computer generated for accuracy and include digital imaging. We utilize one of the most state of the art Web Based Claims Tracking Systems for tracking and monitoring claims from assignment to completion.

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