Flood Losses

Flood House

Claims Consultants LLC has a large roster of flood adjusters that are trained and certified by the National Flood Insurance Program who are ready to respond as needed.

Our Flood adjusters have an average of over 10 years experience each, our Flood Management team has over 15 years experience each. Our adjusters are certified in Residential, Mobile Homes, Small/Large Commercial and Condominiums.

We only utilize adjusters who have been certified by the National Flood Insurance Program to handle flood claims and they are available where & when ever the need arises.

Our adjusters are proficient in multiple estimating software for flood and we utilize the software you prefer.

By utilizing our state of the art Web Based Claims Management Platform we are able to efficiently process flood claims in a timely manner.

Our adjusters understand the intricacies of flood losses and will handle all losses with the highest level of professionalism. We provide continuous training to our managers and adjusters to insure that all of the NFIP guidelines are met.

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