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Claims Consultants, L.L.C. is a company whose seven senior staff members have a combined 120 years of experience in claims management, insurance accounting, and building construction. The corporate office is located in Mobile, Alabama with affiliate offices in New Orleans, LA; Fort Walton Beach, Florida; and Detroit, Michigan. The services offered by Claims Consultants, LLC to the insurance claims industry include third party administration and a wide variety of claims handling. In the past, Claims Consultants, LLC's management staff has focused on striving to be the best in the industry. We are achieving this by continual quality improvement.

Claims Consultants, L.L.C. provides our clients and their policyholders with timely, professional, and courteous services. We provide nationwide service to our clients in their catastrophe operations, a staff-assist service for overflow claims, and long-term staffing for day-to-day business. When unfortunate situations occur, it is comforting to know you can depend on Claims Consultants, L.L.C. adjusters and staff to be there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no matter how large or small the event. Our experienced staff is available to personally handle all your claims promptly and efficiently. You can be confident in our ability to provide fast and efficient service.

History from Conception to Present Day

The idea of Claims Consultants came as a result of two pioneering entrepreneurs who knew that by combining their respective companies, they could provide a better quality service in a more efficient manner. Veillon & Veillon, Inc. and Coastal Adjusting, Inc. merged in August of 2004 to form Claims Consultants, LLC. This merger brought together two companies that had a combined 50 years of claims adjusting experience between the owners. In October of 2007 Robert (Bob) Helms purchased his partners interest in the company.

Hurricane Ivan

Home Disaster

During the 2004 storm season, Hurricane Ivan came through the panhandle of Florida and Alabama. This devastating hurricane was the worst seen in this area since hurricane Fredrick. Immediately following the aftermath of the storm, we had adjusters ready to work.

The newly formed Claims Consultants, LLC managed over 2000 claims: over 700 claims for Universal Property & Casualty Company, over 800 claims from Florida Insurance Guarantee Association, over 150 claims for MetLife, over 100 claims for North Pointe Insurance Company, and over 250 claims for Mutual Savings Fire Insurance Company. We also received various other claims during Hurricane Francis, Jeanne, and Charlie from Cotton States Insurance, First Protective, James River Insurance Company, and Senior Citizens Mutual Insurance Company. We utilized over 75 adjusters for the storm season including senior file reviewers for the season.

Hurricane Katrina

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama gulf coasts. At the time, we were servicing nine insurance companies: Universal Property & Casualty Company, Florida Insurance Guarantee Association, MetLife, North Pointe Insurance Company, Mutual Savings Fire Insurance Company, Cotton States Insurance, First Protective, James River Insurance Company, and Senior Citizens Mutual Insurance Company. We immediately staffed and responded to the challenge of handling an expected 10,000 claims.

We initially received over 2200 claims from MetLife and over 2400 claims from Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. Because of our preparations, we were able to use over 100 adjusters which enabled us to be much more efficient in handling the volume of claims that we received. We were able to quickly disperse adjusters to the damaged areas and efficiently close the claims in a timely manner.

A couple months after Katrina, it became apparent that many of the independent adjusting firms were stretched beyond their limits. Because of the great work we were providing for Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, we began receiving inquiries from other insurance companies with whom we had no prior relationship. They wanted us to step in and absorb their claims that other adjusting firms did not complete.

We successfully adjusted an additional 3000 claims from the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, over 1800 flood claims in the Northeast from Nationwide, Travelers, Covansys, and Senior Citizens, over 500 claims from North Pointe Insurance Company, and over 150 claims from Mutual Savings Fire Insurance Company. These additional claims came as a result of Hurricane Dennis and Hurricane Wilma. We immediately contacted an additional 50 adjusters from our roster and put them to work on the additional claims we received.

Hurricane Katrina provided our firm with the opportunity to demonstrate its service in the aftermath of the most destructive, catastrophe event in our history. We expanded our client base while working in a hostile environment due to the policyholders? uncertainty of insurance coverage.

Hurricane Wilma

After hurricane Wilma, we also received over 1100 claims from Liberty Mutual Insurance Group and over 580 claims from North Pointe Insurance in the South Florida area. With a contract in force with the Florida Insurance Guarantee Association (FIGA), we are now handling claims out of our Miami office for the insolvency of Poe Financial. We added 30 additional adjusters and opened a branch office in Miami just for these particular claims. We hired additional staff to manage the day-to-day operations for our newly created branch office.


Claims Consultants handled claims for Florida Insurance Guaranty Association from the Poe insolvency. Claims Consultants LLC handled over 2000 claims for FIGA during 2006-2007, most of which were commercial and residential claims. These claims were mainly hurricane Wilma damage claims along with a variety of Daily claims with public adjusters representing most of them.


Our roster has grown to over 3000. Claims Consultants works Daily Claims Nationwide for many different carriers to include Commercial, Residential, Automotive/Heavy Equipment, Flood, General Liability & Causality Claims.

Claims Consultants is currently preparing for the upcoming hurricane season by completing internal quality control adjustments in all departments. Presenting workshops and training to adjusters instructing them in carrier?s special needs and expectations. These adjustments and training will allow us to become more efficient and effective in the entire claims process.

Our Promise and Pledge

At Claims Consultants, L.L.C., we always remember that our service is our name. Unless our clients are completely satisfied, we cannot continue to grow. We will always treat our clients and their customers with courtesy, respect, honesty and integrity. Our professional goal for each mission is to seek quality, to meet our clients' needs quickly and to finish our tasks within the guidelines provided.

We pledge to all those we serve to provide an example of excellence in the business world and adhere to high professional standards. We pledge to act immediately to rectify any issues regarding our services that do not meet our clients' high standards. We pledge to accept nothing less than excellence in all we do. We pledge that every employee and independent adjuster will meet or exceed the expectation of our clients.

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